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Brad Smith's True Foundation works to promote education, discipline, and organized activity for youth in the community. Boys and girls throughout the greater Youngstown area and beyond are able to learn new skills, work on properly performing known skills, and work to carry out organized instructions.

It is our pleasure to invite you to our fifth annual football camp! You will spend a day with incredibly talented coaches as well as NFL players, past and present. It is our hope that you receive a day filled with focus, fellowship, and most of all FUN! Brad Smith's True Foundation will teach you the importance of goal setting, how to have a positive attitude on your team and in your community, how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and how to have success on and off the field. We pray God's greatest blessing on your life now and always. Hope to see you soon!

Brad Smith’s True Foundation Chalk Talk works to promote education, discipline, and organized activity for our young women. Young women in the greater Youngstown area and beyond will work together to learn new skills, explore college entrance requirements, grow in understanding of careers and career oriented goals, as well as carryout organized instructions associated with life skills, science, technology, and community building. Participants of Chalk Talk will meet professionals from various arenas of life - teaching, medical, legal, financial, engineering, athletics, editorial, and more! Each young lady will receive encouraging information and instruction for future endeavors.







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