About Brad Smith’s True Foundation

Brad Smith’s True Foundation works to promote education, discipline, and organized activity for youth in the community. Boys and girls throughout the greater Youngstown area and beyond are able to learn new skills, work on properly performing known skills, and work to carry out organized instructions. Participants of Brad Smith’s True Foundation football camp, workshops, and community activities will meet professionals from various arenas of life (teaching, medical, legal, financial, political, athletics, etc.) and will receive encouraging information and instruction for future endeavors. Brad Smith’s True Foundation aims to instill a sense of accomplishment and achievement in all participants. While teaching new skills and instructions, the foundation endeavors to achieve a sense of community ownership in all participants.

True Foundation activities are a great place to make new, lasting friendships with people who share common interests or just like to have a good time.
At Football Camp, kids are shown new skills and are encouraged to work in teams to achieve goals.
All True Foundation activities bring the kids together as a team and give them valuable skills and values for the future while allowing them to have fun in the process.

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